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Cam is one of the single most underrated Country artist’s today (there are a bunch of others) and I still can’t figure out why she hasn’t “blown up”.  After her hit “Burning House“ I think we all thought that would be all she needed.  Fine, OK…then she comes out with “Diane“ which to me is just a dynamite tune!

I tell my listeners that the most important thing in planning my show and executing my show every day is that I’m honest and open at all times.  Which also means that I have to share some pretty embarrassing moments, like this one.  I seriously, don’t think my wife has ever laughed as hard as […]

Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum is one of my all-time favorite dudes in Country Music for the simple fact that he’s honest, open and helluva fun interview.  He talks about the group getting back together, being parents and how the partying has changed since then and he talks about Sneaking into bars to perform after a big stadium […]

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